The St William, Naples, Contemplative Prayer Group meets Fridays from 9 to 10:15-ish Eastern. We begin with 20 minutes of Centering Prayer, then we watch videos on topics related to contemplative prayer or Catholic spirituality, and then we talk about what we’ve seen and faith share. If you’d like to learn more about our group, feel free to contact me.

Friday Videos: June 24th, 2022

The Mystically Driven Life – Ron Rolheiser 15:40
Mysticism – Alan Watts 9:29
What is Christian Mysticism – Richard Rohr 2:23

Friday Videos: May 13th, 2022

Stop blaming Vatican – Fr Casey 8:51
The validity of Vatican II – Brian Holdsworth 10:23
What went wrong after Vatican II – Bishop Barron 3:17

Friday Videos: May 6th, 2022

What was Vatican II? – Breaking in the Habit Fr Casey 5:37
What was the actual purpose of Vatican II? Bishop Barron 1:52
The meaning of Vatican II Bishop Barron 10:15
Vatican II and the power of the laity – Bishop Barron 8:06

Friday Videos: April 29th, 2022

Bishop Barron on Judgement and God 7:16

Peter Kreeft on Justice and Mercy
49:54-52:30   God could have snapped his fingers (2.30)
1:11:55-1:14:40 how to work for justice and mercy, “they must get their just deserts” (2:35)
59:05-1:03:15 why did Jesus have to die? “good news is that God loves you that crazy much” (5.15)
1:14:40-1:20:50 “God doesn’t put anyone in hell, we put ourselves there, we jump in” (6)
1:25:19- 1:27:15    Does God’s grace take away (free) will? (2)

Friday Videos: April 8th, 2022

Why does resurrection matter – N.T. Wright 5:41
Bishop Barron on the power of the cross 9:59

Why did Jesus have to die the way he did? – Bishop Barron 4:37

Friday Videos: April 1st, 2022

Failing at Lent – Fr Mark-Mary 5:23

The Passion of Christ – Fr Ron Rolheiser 8:26

The Cross of Christ – Fr Ron Rolheiser 4:53

Friday Videos: January 7th, 2022

Blessings Br. David Steindl-Rast 6:14
All in the Mind 4:25
Gratitude The Short Film by Louie Schwartzberg 6:21
A Good Day with Br. David Steindle-Rast 5:32

Friday Videos: December 10th, 2021

What’s unique about Advent Bishop Barron 2:18
Advent reflection with Richard Rohr 4:38
The God of Surprises Fr. Jim Martin 4:26
Advent Meditation w/Jim Finley 6:42

Friday Videos: December 3rd, 2021

I’m giving up Fr Casey – START TO 10:04
Advent Conspiracy 3:18
The Roches Christmas Show 6:30
Bishop Barron Spirituality of Advent 5:39
Good King Wenceslas Fr Jim Martin 5:56

Friday Videos: November 26th, 2021

Why the Incarnation Fr Casey 4:29
True meaning of Advent Fr Mike Schmitz 8:26
Advent in 2 minutes Busted Halo 2:08
Mystery of Christmas Fr. Jim Martin 5:04

Friday Videos: July 9th, 2021

Modern Masters of Religion: Fr James Martin on Merton start it at :55 and stop at 10:31

The nature of Meditation and contemplation Jim Finley 8:08

Friday Videos: June 25th, 2021

Bishop Barron on Thomas Merton, Spiritual Master 9:32
Merton and His Legacy – Interview with Br. David Steindl-Rast. We’ll do beginning to 6:20

AMAZING documentary on Merton 59:08 We’ll do the beginning to 5:20 mark.
Merton’s Hermitage 3:27

Friday Videos: May 28th, 2021

What is the Trinity? 2:24
Brant Pitre The Holy Trinity 11:10
Rohr: God is Relationship Itself 3:39
3Min theology: What is the Trinity? 3:29
Nabeel Quereshi explaining the Trinity 7:57

Friday Videos: May 14th, 2021

Why is the Summa important 3:15
The Five Ways 8:53 (5 proofs for the existence of God)
How do you read an article of the Summa 3:01

Friday Videos: April 30th, 2021

Study and contemplation in the Dominican order 6:55
Biography of St. Catherine of Sienna 2:58
Fr Scott Wood on St. Catherine of Sienna 7:07
Why we study 4:40
Lay Dominicans preach the gospel 4:48

Friday Videos: April 23rd, 2021

How to live like a Franciscan 3:54
The Difference between Franciscans & Dominicans Pints with Aquinas 7:06
The Difference between Franciscans, Jesuits, Dominicans w/Br Casey 3:57
What makes Dominicans unique 2:18

Friday Videos: December 18th, 2020

4 key Christian beliefs about the Incarnation 3:29
The incarnation and Covid-19. powerful take connecting what we have been going through and Advent themes 16:04
Why the incarnation from Breaking in the Habit – a Franciscan take 4:29