Black and white image of Jonthan Roumie as Jesus in The Chosen

The Chosen

The Chosen: How one series captivated the world 20:26
All the times Jesus called disciples 17:19
Portraying Jesus’ disciples 2000 years after 10:17
Simon Peter had a wife 4:46
Jesus loves the little children 5:01
We are not afraid of you 5:52
The Chosen best scenes part 2  12:09
Jesus heals the leper 4:01
The Beauty of Love 2:47
Rescue Lauren Daigle 3:45
NCR interview Jonathan Roumie 9:30
Jonathan Roumie 2:35
The heart of The Chosen 7:28
Matthew the complexities of the character 4:43
The Chosen best scenes part 1 19:14
The Sons of Thunder are born 3:32
Now I’m completely different 4:04
Thomas gives up control 4:22
Jesus heals the withered hand 2:54
I have called you by name 3:39
Reckless Love 5:39
Evangelical and Catholic walk into a basilica 10:43
Jesus heals the paralytic 5:38
Jesus heals at the pool 4:25
Scene “Why haven’t you healed me?” 6:35
Come to the Table 4:05
The Chosen fan-Made music video 4:19
The Chosen fan-made music video part 2 3:02
Hillsong United Oceans – fan-made 4:29
Casting Crowns Nathaniel: Oh my soul 4:09
Casting Crowns Love moved first 2:12
Zebedee actor from the Chosen testimony 9:27