Blessed Julian of Norwich

All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well. . . . For there is a Force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go.

He did not say: You will not be assailed, You will not be belabored, You will not be disquieted, but He said ”You will not be overcome.

My, how busy we become when we lose sight of how God loves us.

As truly as God is our Father, so truly God is our Mother.

Prayer is the deliberate and persevering action of the soul. It is true and enduring, and full of grace. Prayer fastens the soul to God and makes it one with God’s will.

Pray, even if you feel nothing, see nothing. For when you are dry, empty, sick or weak, at such a time is your prayer most pleasing to God, even though you may find little joy in it. This is true of all believing prayer.

And in this he showed me a little thing, the quantity of a hazel nut, lying in the palm of my hand, as it seemed. And it was as round as any ball. I looked upon it with the eye of my understanding, and thought, ‘What may this be?’ And it was answered generally thus, ‘It is all that is made.’ I marveled how it might last, for I thought it might suddenly have fallen to nothing for littleness. And I was answered in my understanding: It lasts and ever shall, for God loves it.
And so have all things their beginning by the love of God. In this little thing I saw three properties. The first is that God made it. The second that God loves it. And the third, that God keeps it.

For we are so preciously loved by God that we cannot even comprehend it. No created being can ever know how much and how sweetly and tenderly God loves them. It is only with the help of his grace that we are able to persevere in spiritual contemplation with endless wonder at his high, surpassing, immeasurable love which our Lord in his goodness has for us.

The fullness of joy is to behold God in everything.
God is the ground, the substance, the teaching, the teacher, the purpose, and the reward for which every soul labors.

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All Will Be Well